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It’s a beautiful sunshine filled September day today. Some of us may be thinking of having a BBQ and popping down to the butchers for some suitable BBQ fare. The photo in this post is of a bill from H.Purchas, the old village butcher in 1923 for meat supplied to the Tebbutt family. It was probably their bill for Christmas but in today’s money this was roughly £105

So if you are having a BBQ today, see what the price is for a pound and a half of sausages, in today’s money this is about £4 and roughly half of the cost of sausages today, depending on how fancy your sausages are!

We are in the process of adding lots more details to the site, so more updates to follow in the near future. In the meantime if you have discovered anything that you would be happy to share with us please get in touch.

This photo was provided by Frances Tebbutt.

Butcher’s Bill – Mr Tebbutt 1923
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